Looking for a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time?

A trampoline is a great way to do just that! In addition to being a lot of fun, trampolines are also great for your and your children's health. They provide a jumping surface with a low-impact workout that is perfect for people of all ages.

Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Whether you are looking for an indoor trampoline or an outdoor trampoline, we have you covered. We even have trampolines that can be used by kids and adults alike.

How We Pick The Best Trampolines For Kids and Adults

It can be tough to know which trampoline is the best for your kids. With all of the different brands and models on the market, how can you be sure that you're making the right choice?

You want to make sure that your kids have a safe and fun experience when they use their trampoline, but it's hard to do that when you don't know what to look for.

We've read through and analyzed thousands of customer reviews to find you the best trampolines for kids and adults on the market today. We only recommend products that have received high marks from parents and kids alike.

Read on to find the best trampoline for you and your kids!

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Top Shelf Summary

Top Shelf

JUMPZYLLA Trampoline 8FT 10FT 12FT 14FT

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Top Shelf Rating: 9.4 / 10

Top Shelf Features

If you're looking for backyard trampolines that are both safe and easy to assemble, the Jumpzylla is the perfect choice.

This top shelf trampoline features 4 legs for extra stability, as well as curved poles designed to protect your children from accidents or injury.

Jumpzylla trampolines also comply with ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Features and Specification, so you can rest assured knowing your child is safe while they play on the jumping surface.

Plus, assembly is a breeze thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions and videos.

Top Shelf Details

We know how excited kids get when they see a new trampoline, lucky for them this one delivers this fast with all parts in ONE single package.

This beats having to wait for multiple packages from other brands, so your kids can start bouncing happily and safely in no time.

These round trampolines are built to last with a galvanized frame that is protected against rust, powder coated legs for extra durability, and a thick foam padding that is waterproof.

This means your trampoline and jumping surface will look good as new for years to come! Plus, it is equipped with a luxury plastic covered ladder for easy access.

Best Trampoline For Toddlers

Merax 66" Trampoline For Kids With Basketball Hoop

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Top Shelf Rating: 9.2 / 10

Top Shelf Features

Looking for a fun and easy way to get your kids up and moving? Look no further than the Merax Trampoline!

This mini trampoline is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and comes equipped with a reversible basketball hoop and rubber ball, so your kids can have hours of fun shooting hoops.

With a 5.5ft diameter, these mini trampolines will fit nicely in your living room, kid's bedroom, or backyard, making it the perfect go-to hangout spot all winter and summer long.

And you can rest easy knowing your kids are safe and having fun while they're getting some much-needed exercise.

Top Shelf Details

This bouncy mini trampoline is perfect for helping your kids develop balance skills and promoting physical health.

It features a super sturdy construction that has only been used on trampolines above 8FT in size, plus a soft padded frame cover that protects your kids as they climb on and off the trampoline.

The 360 degree safety enclosure net attached creates a safe space to let off bouncing steam, while the bottom of the safety net can be sewn to the jumping mat to eliminate gaps for added protection.

Plus, the simplified assembly process makes it easy to set up and take down. Let your kids have a blast while staying safe with Merax mini Trampolines!

Best Trampoline For Two Kids

Doufit - Indoor Trampoline For 2 Kids

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Tope Shelf Rating: 9.1 / 10

Top Shelf Features

The Doufit Trampoline is the perfect way to exercise and have fun with your family all at the same time.

This trampoline is designed for two people to jump together, making it a great way to bond with your child while getting some healthy exercise or 2 kids to play together.

The height of the trampoline is adjustable from 38'' to 45'', so it can accommodate people of different heights with no need for a safety enclosure net.

The handle also has a foam cotton grip for added safety. Get the whole family moving with the Doufit indoor trampoline and sturdy jumping mat.

Top Shelf Details

This great trampoline features a heavy-duty steel frame and closely weaved PP jumping safety pad for superior safety and durability.

The soft and durable spring cover wraps around the springs to prevent kids' feet from getting caught and injured.

With 40 stainless steel springs and 8 reinforced foot pipes, this trampoline provides a great bounce for hours of fun. The foam covered handle provides a comfortable grip for little hands.

Plus, the trampoline is great for promoting healthy bone and muscle growth, aiding in kids' development of coordination and balance, and improving heart health and blood circulation.

Best Trampoline For Exercise

BCAN 40/48" Foldable Mini Trampoline

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Top Shelf Rating: 9.0 / 10

Top Shelf Features

Looking to get fit while having fun?

The BCAN foldable mini trampoline is made with thickened steel and high-strength stainless steel springs, making it durable and able to withstand 3000 continuous jumps.

It also features an adjustable handlebar that can be set to four different levels, ranging from 2'6" to 3'5", making it perfect for both kids and adults.

Plus, its unique frame design allows it to be easily folded up and stored away in small spaces like closets, cars, and even under beds.

Top Shelf Details

The BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline is the perfect solution for getting a great workout in a small space.

This trampoline is made with 32 CLOSED SPRINGS that connect to an easy-to-clean waterproof pp mat, providing a powerful elastic recovery system that is safe for users 6 years and older.

The unique design of the trampoline allows you to fold it without taking off the pad, making it easy to store and transport.

The waterproof and anti-scratch material of the Oxford Pad is also easy to clean, making this trampoline a low maintenance option for your fitness routine.

Best Trampoline For Adults

JINS&VICO Trampoline 1500LBS 16FT

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Top Shelf Rating: 9.3 / 10

Top Shelf Features

Looking for a way to have fun with the whole family, adults and all? Get bouncing on a trampoline outdoors with the JINS & VICO trampoline.

This trampoline is ASTM approved, meaning it meets rigorous safety standards. With its unique balance bar and 6 W-shaped legs, it is extra stable and secure.

The anti-collision curved poles add an extra layer of protection, making it the perfect choice for kids and adults alike. So bounce into action and have a blast with the JINS & VICO Trampoline!

Top Shelf Details

This 16ft trampoline has been tested for superior bounce and kids safety features, so you can rest assured your family is having fun in the safest possible way.

The strong galvanized steel frame and springs and rust-resistant coating ensure a long life, while the EU standard Polypropylene bounce surface provides unbeatable rebounding force.

And because we want you to have complete peace of mind, our trampoline has been impact tested 150,000 times – that's almost 40 years of daily use!

Highly Rated

Little Tikes Trampoline 3FT

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Top Shelf Rating: 9.4 / 10

Top Shelf Features

The Little Tikes 3ft Trampoline is the perfect toy for energetic toddlers.

They'll love bouncing around on the large jumping surface, and you'll love the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're safe and secure thanks to the handle bar.

The trampoline is made from a durable plastic and metal combination, so it's built to last.

Top Shelf Details

This trampoline is perfect for indoor use, and is designed for 3-6 year olds.

It's easy to move around so your kids can bounce where ever they'd like, and comes with a maximum weight limit of 55lbs.

Get your little ones active and let them have a blast with the Little Tikes 3ft Trampoline!

Which Trampoline For Kids and Adults is Best For You?

So, what’s the verdict?

We hope we’ve helped you in finding the best trampolines for you and your families needs. Now it’s time to take the plunge and get bouncing!

Click the button below to check the price on our top pick for the best trampoline for kids and adults. Thanks for reading and happy jumping!

Best Trampolines For Kids and Adults FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best trampolines:

What size trampoline is best for adults?

The best size trampoline for adults is usually one that is about 10 to 16 feet in diameter. A smaller or larger trampoline can work as well, but a 10-foot-diameter trampoline is generally the best size for providing a good workout and plenty of bounce.

Furthermore, when choosing a trampoline, it's important to make sure that the frame and springs are sturdy enough to support an adult's weight.

Cheap, flimsy trampolines tend to wobble and collapse under a higher weight capacity, so it's important to invest in a quality product if you're looking to use your trampoline for an extended period of time.

How long does a trampoline last?

A trampoline can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, but it really depends on how well you take care of it.

If you're not using your trampoline often, make sure to keep the bounce mat and frame covered with a waterproof tarp or storage cover.

This will protect them from the elements and help them last longer. You should also check all of the nuts and bolts regularly to make sure they're tight and replace any that are worn out.

With a little bit of regular maintenance, your trampoline will last for years!

What should I look for when buying a trampoline?

When looking to buy a trampoline, it's important to consider the size of the trampoline, the quality of the materials, and the safety features.

The size of the trampoline is important because you want to make sure that it will fit in your backyard. The quality of the materials is also important because you want to make sure that the trampoline will be durable and safe.

Safety features are important because they can help prevent injuries. Some safety features to look for include a kids safety net and enclosure system, a padded frame, and welded seams.

Does a trampoline need to be on a flat surface?

A trampoline does not necessarily have to be on a flat surface, but it is important that circular, square and rectangular trampolines be properly secured so that it does not move around.

A good way to do this is by using stakes or sandbags to keep the trampoline and jumping surface in place.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that there are no objects - such as trees or power lines - in the vicinity of the jumping surface that could potentially damage the trampoline and jumping mat.

Where should I put my trampoline in the backyard?

It depends on the size of your backyard and the type of trampoline you have.

For smaller backyards, it's best to place the trampoline against a wall or fence to save space. If you have a larger backyard, you can place the trampoline in the middle of the yard.

Be sure to check your local ordinances before installing a trampoline, as some cities and towns have regulations prohibiting them from being installed in certain areas.

And always heed all warnings and safety instructions that come with your trampoline.

How do you prepare the ground for a trampoline?

The ground should be level and flat, and the surface should be free of objects that could cause injury.

You can use sand, pea gravel, or a synthetic surface to cover the ground.

If you're using sand or pea gravel, you'll need to level it out and tamp it down so that it's firm.

If you're using a synthetic surface, just make sure that it's laid down evenly.

Do you need a fence around a trampoline?

It depends on what you mean by "need". A fence is not required by law, and many people do not have fences around their trampolines.

However, a fence is a good idea because it can help to prevent injuries.

A fence can help to keep children and pets away from the trampoline, and it can also help to keep jumpers from jumping off the trampoline and onto the ground.

If you have a trampoline, it's a good idea to fence it in.

Will grass grow under a trampoline?

Yes, grass will grow under a trampoline. The thicker the grass, the slower it will grow.

Ground cover plants will also grow under an outdoor trampoline.

Are all trampolines the same?

There are a few different types of trampolines, but they all have the same basic components.

Most trampolines have a metal frame with springs and a fabric or safety net or enclosure net.

The frames can be different sizes and shapes, and the enclosures can also differ in size and shape.

Some trampolines have more padding than others, and there are also different types of bouncers (the part you jump on).

What are the positive things about using a trampoline?

One of the benefits of using a trampoline is that it can be fun. It's also a good way to get some exercise, and it can improve your balance and coordination.

Another benefit of using a trampoline is that it can help you to lose weight. When you use a trampoline, you are working your entire body, including your heart and lungs.

This can help to improve your overall fitness level and reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Finally, using a trampoline can help to strengthen your bones. This is because jumping up and down on a trampoline puts stress on your bones, which helps them to grow stronger.