The Basics of Using a Pex Crimp Tool

A pex crimp tool is an invaluable tool for anyone working with plumbing, whether professionally or as a DIYer. But how exactly do you use it? Read on to find out the basics of using a pex crimp tool – from choosing the right fittings to making sure your connections are secure.

Choosing the Right Fittings

The first step in properly using a pex crimp tool is making sure that you have the correct fittings for the job. This means ensuring that the inside diameter of your fittings matches the size of your PEX pipe and that all of your components (such as valves, etc.) are compatible with one another. Once you have chosen all of your necessary fittings, you can move onto actually using your pex crimp tool.

Using Your Pex Crimp Tool

To begin, put each fitting into its corresponding end of the PEX pipe and ensure that they fit securely. Then, slide each sleeve onto its corresponding fitting until it is flush against the fitting's shoulder.

Next, insert both ends of the PEX pipe into their respective elbows and ensure that everything fits snugly together. After this, take your pex crimp tool and place it over the sleeve until it clicks into place. Now you can squeeze down firmly on both sides until you feel resistance; this indicates that everything has been successfully crimped and secured.

Finally, repeat these steps for any other connections you need to make.

Testing Your Connections

Once all of your connections have been made, it’s time to test them to make sure they are secure and watertight before moving onto other tasks on your project.

To do this, simply turn on all water sources connected to your system and check for any leaks or drips coming from any joints or connections made with your pex crimp tool; if there are no leaks then congratulations –you’ve got yourself a secure connection!

If there are any leaks present then double-check all of your connections and try tightening them again before attempting further repairs or replacements.


Using a pex crimp tool can be tricky at first but with some practice and patience, anyone can perfect it in no time!

Just remember to always choose compatible fittings and double-check everything after crimping for optimal results –and soon enough you’ll be able to get more projects done faster with fewer issues along the way!

With these basics down pat, you should now be ready to tackle even bigger plumbing tasks ahead!

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