A Guide to Releasing Your Psoas with a Release Tool

If you’ve ever experienced tightness in your lower back or hip area, chances are, your psoas muscle could use some attention. A psoas release tool is an effective way to help stretch your psoas and relieve tension. Let’s take a look at how to use one for best results.

What is the Psoas?

The psoas—or “hip flexor”—is a group of muscles that connect the lower vertebrae of the spine to the thigh bone. It helps stabilize your lower back and pelvis while allowing you to move your legs freely. When it gets overworked or inflamed, however, it can cause tightness, discomfort, and even pain in and around the hips and lower back.

How Does a Release Tool Help?

A release tool is specifically designed to target the psoas muscles by applying pressure on both sides at once. This helps to relax and stretch out the muscles so they can move more freely.

It also helps promote circulation in the area and bring much-needed oxygenated blood into these often-neglected muscles. With consistent use, you should begin to experience relief from any hip or lower back pain caused by tightness in your psoas muscle.

Using a Release Tool Properly

When using a release tool on your own body, it’s important to pay attention to how you feel throughout each step of the process. Start by lying down on your stomach with the release tool placed near both hips (this will vary according to what type of release tool you have).

Make sure you always use slow, gentle movements that don’t cause any pain or discomfort. You may feel some stretching sensations as you go along—this is normal! As long as there isn’t any sharp pain involved, keep going until you reach maximum comfort level with each movement before moving onto another area of focus.


Using a release tool is an effective way to help stretch and relax your tight psoas muscles without having to enlist outside help from an expert massage therapist or physical therapist every time they get too tense or inflamed.

It takes practice but with patience and consistency, you can learn how to properly use this helpful tool for fast relief from hip or lower back pain caused by an overworked psoas muscle.

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